Return & Refund Policy


We sincerely hope from you that you will love every product purchased from but sometimes you do not like the delivered product or sometimes you do not find the product as per your expectation or sometimes you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, so in all these conditions, return of order may become compulsion or necessity. Just keeping this in mind, especially for your convenience, Dadreeios have designed a very easy and transparent Return & Refund Policy for you. Please note that This Return & Refund Policy is subject to the following terms & conditions, notes, guidelines, situations and cases under which your return will be accepted by us. Therefore it is very necessary for you to read and understand this entire Return & Refund Policy carefully. If you do not agree with this Return & Refund Policy, you may immediately leave and stop using this website and its services. But If you initiate a request for the purchase of any product on this website then you clearly signify to us that you entirely and willingly agree with our Terms & Conditions including our policies of this website.

Dadreeios reserve the right to refuse/ reject any of your returns that do not fulfil our Terms & Conditions including our policies of this website or are not in accordance with our applicable terms & conditions specified in this Return & Refund Policy. This Return & Refund Policy does not affect your statutory rights.


Though offers the return of the products purchased on website within 7 days from the time of delivery of the order and most of our products are eligible for return but there are some products that are specified as "Non-Returnable" under the specification section on respective product details page of this website which is not eligible for return and you can not return them at any point. Please note that under one order id, you can send a return request only once, not repeatedly. So before placing any of your orders on this website, please check and ensure that the product which you are going to select and buy is eligible for return or not.

There are a few things that are very necessary to understand before returning any product/s purchased from this website.

You can return the product/s purchased from in the following situations only:                                                     

  • If you received the wrong product or
  • If you received the product in damaged condition or
  • If you found any manufacturing defect in the product or
  • If you received the product not as per your selection i.e. wrong size/ color/ quantity/ design or
  • If the product doesn't fit you or
  • If you received the product very late or
  • If you are truly not satisfied with the quality of the product or
  • Other reason                                                                                                                                                                                                          


  • Products purchased on the website can only be returned to
  • The products which you want to send us to return must be eligible for return as per our this Return & Refund Policy.
  • The return request must be sent by you to us within 7 days from the time of delivery of the order, thereafter not at any point.
  • Under one order id, you can send a return request only once, not repeatedly.
  • Return must send by you to our address only which is provided below on this page.
  • If your return is not eligible for pickup, a Self-Ship/ Self-Return option will be given to you.
  • All the products under Self-Ship/ Self-Return option will be sent by you to us through Speed Post (Indian Postal Service) or any reputed and trusted Courier Company available in your location / pincode that offers a tracking number.
  • Products purchased as part of a set or multi-item pack will not be returned separately or individually.
  • Products must be unused, unwashed, unsoiled and in their original condition and with all the original price tags, brand tags, brand labels, invoices, shipping labels and packaging intact. Though in good faith, we welcome you to try on a product for your satisfaction you must take adequate measures to preserve its original condition.
  • Products should not be different, torn, tempered, altered, re-stitched, customized, with any marks, with body odour, perfumed, deodorant marks, stained and without their included original buttons and other accessories.
  • All the packaging materials, such as the courier bag, tape, label, and sticker of the returned product must be completely intact the same way it was delivered to you before.

All returnable products must be packed properly and strongly in the same way as it was delivered to you. will not be responsible/ liable to pay any refund for the product returned in damaged condition due to improper packing of it or lost in transit due to the wrong/ incomplete address or any other reason.


  • It is determined that when the product was in your possession, it was not damaged.
  • Products purchased under the offer "Clearance Sale" are absolutely not eligible for return.
  • At the time of return pick-up, if your return is not met in accordance with our Return Policy then our courier boy may refuse to accept your return.
  • If your product is returned is not as per our parameters, then you shall not be entitled to get any refund of money from
  • If you violate this Return & Refund Policy then any of your return and refund requests for the product purchased on this website will not be entertained by                                                    


When the returned product is brought back to our warehouse, we send that returned product to our quality check department for its quality check process and as soon as that returned product is passed/ approved in our quality check process, we initiate the refund process which can take approximately 7 to 8 business days in order to be credited into your bank account. But if that returned product fails in our quality check process then thereafter refund process does not initiate further. Please note that sometimes returned products reach us very late due to various reasons which are beyond our reasonable control then in this scenario, the quality check process and refund process for returned products may get more delayed.


  • We are specifically clarifying that we will initiate your refund process after the receipt of your returned products in our warehouse and post-completion of their quality check process and/ or after receipt of "evidence of delivery" from you, as the case may be. 
  • If you want to get your refund in your bank account, in this case, you are required to comply with Dadreeios's Terms & Conditions regarding the same which will be a very important and conclusive undertaking from your end in all aspects. You further note that this is solely and completely your responsibility to provide your correct and complete bank account details to us but in the event, that you provided your wrong and incomplete bank account details to us then shall not be responsible/ liable for any loss, damage or expense for the same.
  • In any case where we find any discrepancies in the refund process then we may request you to share a screenshot of your bank account statement with us if required.    
  • In an event where we feel that we are being cheated or we have any doubt, suspicion or evidence regarding any fraud or refund-related manipulative behaviour then in such type of situations, reserves the right to deny/ refuse your refund requests.
  • If you return any of the products purchased with discount and/ or coupon discount and/ or other discounts then all the discount's grand total amount will be deducted from your return credit.
  • All the refunds are subject to applicable charges which may be deducted from your account by your bank, in this case, have no role to play between you and your bank.
  • don't make any cash refund.


In the case of prepaid orders on, money will be sent and returned to the Buyer's Bank Account/ Credit Card/ Debit Card/ E-Wallet/ Other Payment Instruments, from where the payment was made earlier.


In case of COD (Cash on Delivery) orders, money may be returned to the Buyer's Bank Account by way of NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) or Net-Banking but for this, Buyers will have to provide us with the correct and complete details of their Bank Account.

To raise a return request at, just go through these simple and easy steps as follow:

  1. First, login into your Dadreeios account.
  2. Then, click on the "YOUR ACCOUNT" tab.
  3. Now, click on the "Return your order" tab.
  4. Thereafter, select the order you want to return.
  5. Now, select a valid reason for your return.
  6. Click on the "Submit" button.                                                                                                                                                                                             

A. If Return Pick-Up Service is available at your Location/ Pincode.

As soon as we receive your Return Pick-Up Request, we will organise a Return Pick-Up for the product which you want to return. Our courier boy will come to you for the pick-up of your return within 2 to 5 business days of receiving the request. This product then will be brought back to our warehouse where the product has to go through our quality check process managed by our quality control team. As soon as the product is passed/ approved in our quality check process, we will initiate your refund.


  • You must keep your return ready in each and every manner before the arrival of our courier boy.         
  • If your return is not picked-up due to any reason, our courier boy will make a maximum of 3 attempts in order to pick up your return again and again but after the failure of 3rd attempt your return request shall be considered void and thereafter if you are eligible, you may send a fresh return request to us.

B. If Return Pick-Up Service is not available at your Location/ Pincode.

In India, there are some pin codes where currently return pick-up service is not available by our courier company. In this scenario, you may use the option of Self-Ship/ Self-Return and send your return from your end to us through any reputed and trusted courier company available at your location/ pincode that offers a tracking number. Preferably Speed Post (Indian Postal Service). All the Self-Ship / Self-Return will be solely at your own risk. Once the product is brought back to our warehouse, we will send the product to our quality check department for its quality check process and as soon as the product would be passed/ approved in our quality check process, we will refund the amount of the product plus the amount you spent on Self-Ship/ Self-Return. Please note that this whole process may take approx. 2 weeks after the return is picked up. But sometimes returned products reach us very late due to various reasons which are beyond our reasonable control then in this scenario, the quality check process and refund process for returned products may get more delayed.


  • In the event that you claim to send your products returned to through Self-Ship/ Self-Return but we do not receive the returned products or we have found your sent package empty then in this situation, you need to send adequate "evidence of delivery" received from our courier boy by you in order to prove your claim regarding your Self-Ship of the products returned to
  • Once you sent the shipment thereafter this is mandatory for you to share the complete and correct details of your Self-Ship/ Self-Return with us at:





Upon completion of the return process, an amount of Rs.75/- (Indian Rupees Seventy-Five only) being a courier charge towards Self-Ship/ Self-Return of a shipment weighing up to 1 kilogram will be refunded as per the payment mode you selected.