Responsible Disclosure

Dadreeios's Responsible Disclosure Policy

At Dadreeios, we take the security of our systems and data privacy seriously. We constantly endeavour to make our website a safe place for our dear and valued customers to browse and use. However, in the rare case when a security researcher or member of the general public discovers or identifies a vulnerability in our systems and responsibly shares the details of it with us. we will be happy and heartily appreciate their contribution. We will work closely with them to address such issues with urgency and if they are agreed and want, publicly acknowledge their contribution to Dadreeios.

The procedure for reporting an issue.
If you discovered or identified a vulnerability on any of our web properties, we request you to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Please contact us immediately by sending an email to with the necessary details of the identified vulnerability in order to recreate the vulnerability scenario. This may include images, screenshots, videos or simple text indications, instructions or guidelines.
  • If possible for you, please share your good name and contact information (mobile phone number, email id) with us, so that our security team can reach out to you if further inputs and guidance are needed in order to identify and resolve such issues as early as possible.
  • If you intend to make the information public for educational or other such needs, please give us reasonable time in order to properly fix the problem before making such information public. Our security team will work with you in the mutually decided time frame.
  • Do not share/ disclose such a problem to other people until it has been verified and resolved by our security team.
  • Do not try to take any advantage of such vulnerability or problem discovered or identified by you because this is a very serious illegal activity/ crime, strictly prohibited by law and liable for strict legal action under the applicable laws of India.


Though we do not have any bounty or cash reward program for such disclosures by you to us, we heartily appreciate you and humbly express our gratitude for your kind cooperation and contribution in order to make Dadreeios systems more secure. For the right genuine ethical disclosures, we would be happy to publicly acknowledge your contribution underneath the "DADREEIOS'S SECURITY HALL OF FAME" section on this webpage but this will be done if you are agreed and want a public acknowledgement from us.