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Welcome to the Modern Fashion World of Dadreeios: India's Best, Trendiest, Fastest-Growing & Budget-Friendly Online Shopping Site For Men and Women's Clothing. We know you are very curious to know about Dadreeios. Let's start an amazing & interesting tour of diving deeper into the world of Dadreeios to know everything about us. We hope, after this great memorable tour, we will not stranger to each other and this tour will make our relationship even more stronger than before.

DADREEIOS Founded in August 2022, is India's best superb and customer-centric online fashion lifestyle site of the most fashionable and trendiest clothing for contemporary men and women. Dadreeios is developed, operated and owned by G.R. Parwani Trading Co. a sole proprietorship firm working as an e-commerce fashion clothing retailer. Dadreeios would be recognized as a modern Indian and western lifestyle fashion destination and a distinctive, modern Indian and western lifestyle fashion brand. Dadreeios came into existence with an innovative, Indian and western fashion lifestyle concept and mindset. Dadreeios business is completely based on B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and inventory model. We at Dadreeios, stock the products in our warehouses in order to ensure speedy order delivery to our potential customers at more than 21000 pin codes/ locations throughout PAN India. The great idea of Dadreeios is to create a very positive and lovely impact of a very easy, hassle-free, pleasant and budget-friendly online clothing shopping experience for all Indian shoppers through its honesty, reliability, innovative glamourous clothing styles and excellent services. Dadreeios is fuelled by a great passion to refine your look, beauty and personality. Dadreeios supports, helps and empowers you to be the most stylish, charming, happy, relaxed, confident and best-upgraded version of yourself in your everyday journey of life because your personality always matters to us. At Dadreeios we believe that a small change in your look, beauty and personality can make a big difference in your life.


Dadreeios's philosophy is "For Us You First". Customer satisfaction is always our top priority because they are the main pillar of our business foundation. We are nothing without a loyal customer base and only they can make us complete. It would not be wrong to say here that "Customers are Our Business's Soul, Our True Identity and Our Real Success".

The great world of fashion design and style has always fascinated us. With a great passion and love for fashion, with a very good sense of fashion, trends, styles, apparel quality, designs and various International fashion brands, with a happy long journey in the field of fashion, with a great working experience in the Modern Indian and Western Lifestyle Fashion Industry and after months of hard work, we have learned to keep up with the latest fashion trends & styles in the Indian market and thereafter finally launched Dadreeios successfully. We have potential and we work with consistency. Everybody knows that in life, every big goal always starts with a small start and no one gets success overnight. Behind every success story, there is a real truth always hidden, for example, an unforgettable life experience of hard work, sacrifices, pains, mistakes, rejections and disappointments. Currently, we are in front of you and this is our great privilege that we are not only serving you our latest, stylish, trendy, hand-picked, comfortable, catch-eye and best quality ravishing outfits at the best affordable prices but also providing you great value for your money. At Dadreeios we offer you a quirky range of various domestic, international, luxury, premium and prestigious fashion-branded apparel with various choices of fabrics, designs, styles, handicrafts, artworks, needle arts, ideas, concepts, cuts, prints, patterns, textures, colors, shades, themes, shapes and sizes. With the help of this, you get the liberty of selecting apparel of any particular fabric, design, color or size as per your personal style preferences. For your kind information, we pay our best 360-degree attention to our product's quality and prices. So, you don't need to worry about anything. You can very happily and confidently discover, pick and buy any of our products that best suit you. Trust us, you won't regret it.

  • Going forward, we aim to leverage technology & globalization to democratize fashion and build Dadreeios a most reputed global Indian & Western Lifestyle Fashion Brand by helping people to look and feel good.
  • Our prime objective is to enhance your looks, beauty and personality with the power of our high-end quality, durable and beautiful apparel styles.
  • We are expanding our reach to the hundreds of millions of people who do online clothing shopping each day across India.
  • We are providing the most fashionable and trendiest high-end quality clothing styles to our dear valued customers at very affordable prices.
  • We want to see our customers very happy, comfortable and truly satisfied in their dream look i.e. most beautiful, handsome, stylish, classy, incredible, outstanding and gorgeous.
  • We are committed to ensuring our customer's comfort, satisfaction and happiness through our best-quality products and incredible services.
  • We are building a great Dadreeios Community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for fashion and sustainability.
  • We are working seamlessly towards excellence, earning respect, building trust and establishing creditability among our customers and fashion lovers across PAN India.
  • We are developing a heart-to-heart relationship with our customers and fashion lovers across India.
  • We believe in core business practices with 100% dedication to work with a fair commitment to quality, service, integrity and responsiveness.
  • We are working extensively with deep-rootedness for one dream, one perspective, one goal and one determination to enhance people's looks, beauty and personality in India.
  • We believe in endless possibilities and regularly work on new concepts, ideas, technologies, possibilities and their implementation. Thus along with learning, we are improving our efficiency, products and services day to day even much better for our customer's delight.
  • We feel that if we get something from nature and our society then in exchange, we should also give something in return back to nature and our society to build a better today and tomorrow for all. Hence going forward, we want to increase our social service network to reach and help more and more poor, helpless, needy and underprivileged people in India. Because this is the greatest privilege for us to pay off the debt of humanity and our social responsibilities which can not be ignored by us. We strongly believe this could empower a sustainable today and future for all of us where we can contribute and be an important part of this marvelous change.
  • We want to move forward with our strong ethical principles and a powerful business strategy to make a massive significant contribution to the growth of our Indian economy by increasing the best possible employment opportunities in India.

Our Vision is to walk with the time, think wisely, think for the long term, make decisions fast, implement new ideas fast, study, every moment learn, innovate, always stay humble, always stay energetic, not to afraid fail, always be practical, customer-focused and build to Dadreeios a most reputed global Indian & Western Lifestyle Fashion Brand. It's all not only for money we want to rule your hearts. If we win your smile, happiness and satisfaction with our products and services, we will feel like we won the world!