Product Care

According to us every cloth/ apparel/ garment should be worn and washed with appropriate care. If you wish for a long-lasting life of your clothes/apparel/ garments, you need to follow these product care instructions/ guidelines/ tips to prevent damage and ensure longevity:

  • If you are going to wash a brand new cloth first remove all the tags, labels and stickers.
  • Before washing your clothes, sort them by color and fabric type.
  • Carefully read the washing instructions on the product care label.
  • Before washing your clothes set your washing machine temperature, load size, speed and wash cycle properly.
  • As per our recommendation, the first wash of your clothes must be by "Dry Clean" only.
  • Wash dark or bright-colored clothes with salt to prevent your clothes colors from fading because adding one teaspoon of salt can make your clothes color last longer.
  • Heavily embroidered dresses always must only be Dry Cleaned by a reputed dry cleaner in your area or city.
  • Kindly always use high-efficiency washing powders, soaps, gels, liquids, laundry detergents or shampoo for washing your clothes.
  • Use the right detergent that is suitable for the fabric type and color.
  • Use the right quantity of detergent for washing your clothes. Avoid using too much detergent, as this can leave residue on the clothes and damage the fibers.
  • Don't use bleach for washing your clothes.
  • Don't wash your clothes with chlorine-based detergent/ Water.
  • Don't overwash your clothes.
  • Don't use hand dyeing methods.
  • Don't mix and wash plain white or light-colored clothes along with other dark-colored clothes because sometimes dark-colored clothes may leave some of their colors in the same water.
  • Turn clothes inside out before washing to help preserve their color and prevent any embellishments or prints from fading or getting damaged.
  • All the casualwear apparel must be washed separately in cold water and rinsed thoroughly.
  • Use the appropriate and the best method of washing clothes.
  • Dry your washed clothes appropriately.
  • Use a low heat setting and iron or stream the clothes as needed to remove wrinkles or creases.
  • At last, always keep in mind that proper maintenance and caring can increase the life of your clothes.

Important Note:              
It may not be possible to give full instructions/ guidelines for each cloth/ apparel/ garment therefore above are some general tips for washing. If in doubt, please Dry Clean.

We will not be responsible and/ or liable for any loss or damage to your clothes/ apparel/ garments due to not complying with our aforesaid product care and washing instructions/ guidelines/ tips.